we currently only need 251 signitures to reach 10000, i appreciate all the help we can get, pleas help us make a difference, for these innocent infants. here is the link to the petition


if you agree please share it with people, ive begun writing the link down and giving them to any cashier, i just say they can explain it there better than i can, this topic means a ton to me, i remember thinking about how wrong it is, sitting in my class in elementary school. i was too emberrased to talk about it, then i say its too important not to try, its time to put away the old traditions. its unnecissary and i dont believe there is an excuse to allow this to keep on. but i respect your opinion either way, but please at least just read the petition if nothing else, and do PLENTY of research before making this decision with your own son. sincerely please, at least do the research. i only speak against cruelty. people say a ban on circumcision would be anti semetic, i understand that, so why not a ban on infant circumcision, until 21 when he can make his own decision, have pain relief, and have a little dignity, an acception for religion would not be bad, but id still feel for the children. you know the thought that every day more and more infants have to go through the same trip i went through, maybe they wont take it as hard, but that doesnt matter, i believe its cutting and bleeding still it is physical harm to the defenceless, it is just as painfull for an infant as an adult. but at least the adult can have morphine, i dont believe there are any medical benefit that out weigh the risks, when a child realizes he was cut on because a doctor said hes too young to remember, or this or that stupid lie, it kinda makes him, well me at least, feel like dirt, because my body isnt worth enough to be protected under law like females have since 1997, now im not saying they are the same, american academy of pediatrics sais circumcision is different because its done in a clean hospital, and a carefull procedure, if a woman got a circumcision in a clean hospital and a carfull procedure and took part of the hood but left every thing else intact (the closest thing to male circumcision i could think of), but that cut would still be cruelty, illegal, and under law, it would still be mutilation… but not for boys. because you know men are tough and we are taught to take the pain without complaint. even if it makes you feel like your dying inside, mentally. they say he turned out just fine, but even if he does not remember, he is scarred subconciously. he is too afraid to admit he was damaged, and he may feel like he should do it to his son, because he turned out alright. and he keeps the pain train rolling. its really sad to me.

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  1. delane 4 years ago

    i think you’re absolutely right! Thank you for sharing.

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