why pretend that you loved?why pretend you cared?stop pretending, stop lieing . cant you see the pain? cant you see the powdered peices of my soul?
cant you see , i lay awake at night waiting for you. just wishing for truth?
 i have nothing to offer , my heart is shattered , my soul is crushed , my love is worthless…. i am broken , broken by you and tossed aside like so many once great things . but you are so proud
my heart is shattered , it has no love to give, you took it all. my soul is crushed into powder so fine the wind wont take it , there is no faith left inside, you took it all . my love is worthless, you showed me it isnt worth the breath in my body, the beat of my heart , the tears that fall from my eyes, you did this all and so much more. you showed me I mean nothing, you showed me that I have always been nothing, you showed me it was all just a lie.
 and you still pretend to care. you still lie to me when i am nothing to you , is it to ease your own guilty heart ? i thought you were happy now , so why keep lieing to me, why lie about me when we both know the truth. why waste your breath on somthing that means nothing. on somthing you never truly loved. are you afraid of somthing?
why start fights with me , cant you see my strength is nearly gone . but i am nothing
why fight with something that has been broken and tossed.
I have no will left to fight . cant you see i am lost.
cant you see you have killed anything that was me long ago,
 like you once said , you never loved me  you loved only what i could do.
you have done all this and its still not enough ?
what more do you need , what more can you take?
i am holding on by thread so bare , its no bigger than a strand of my hair.
there is nothing left beneath me , only bottomless darkness.
why cant you just leave me alone ,why cant you see, i just want to be left alone by the one who never wanted me

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  1. downandout 13 years ago

    my heart aches for you i have been there to 10 yrs ago ,i still cant love,yet i crave to and to be loved,he still tries to win me back now,but im stronger now and you will be soon,i will think about you for a long time dont let someone crush you like this bye

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