So, today, school didn't go well… You see, there is this girl named Sam who I don't really like. Normally, I don't strongly dislike someone, but she is the exception. Here is how she got to the point where I can't even look at her; She was talking to my friend Jojo, but he wasn't replying, so she said if he doesn't reply, she is going to kill herself. When I heard about this, I confronted her. She said the reason why she said it was because she was bored. So, then I start raising my voice at her, and yeah. Then, is when she still thought I liked her. Here is what happened today; We were walking, and she comes up to me, and says "Why don't you like me?" and "Why don't you ever text me back?" I just tell her simple answers like "Cause, I didn't want to" or "Cause I don't have to" then she asked one more time why I didn't like her. So I told her. I said "Honestly, you come up in here, thinking you're the shit, when you're not, you don't participate in gym cause you're 'too cool', and when someone doesn't talk to you, you threaten to kill yourself." The arguement is heating up, now I'm yelling at her. I also said "You'll like anything with a vagina or dick" and she said "No, that's you" like a smart ass, so I yell "Yep, you're right! And I'm proud of it!" Now, people are looking, but I don't care. If it wasn't for my moral of Not Engaging in Violence, I would of beat her ass. Anyways, the class had to sit down, then, I can hear her fucking talking about me. So I yell "Are you really fucking talking about me?" "No, actually, I'm talking about me?" "Okay good, cause then I'd have to kick your ass"

Ugh! She makes me so mad! Then, after school, I was outside, and that bitch was staring at me from far away. So then I give her a 'What The Fuck' look. And yeah… Nothing went down, but tomorrow's a new day.



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