Ok, so I have been whining about my wife cheating on me and all that. Many people have gone through that pain and I  know I'm not alone. Between all three of my wives, I have been cheated on a total of 21 times,  that I know of. I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself and actually counted them all. When my current wife cheated, I was hit really hard with that one compared to the other to marriages. I still am very angry and hurt about it beyond what I have ever experienced. Ok, so my wife told the reason she fucked the other guy was because I had an emotional  affair with someone. See, I did spend aalot of time talking with this girl that came to see my wife and she was here allot. My wife was preoccupied with our new son and so I ended up talking with her more then I should have. She had real low self esteem and told me how bad her husband treated her, etc.. I told her things to try and build her up and even told her I cared for her. That was pretty much it and I never fucked her or even came close to that. Her husband found out and told my wife which resulted in a huge deal. My wife accused me of having an affair at that time and was hurt by it, of course. A year later she fucks another guy because she hated me for what I did with this other girl. So, my question is, what is worse, fucking another guy or an emotional affair? I think they both are bad but fucking someone else is worse. She  tried to maintain stuff with us after her little fuck-fest and even got into an arguement with me about her having every right to be friends with this guy, blah, blah, blah. a few days later she told me about fucking him. Ok, enough whining, so whichis it? What's worse? I think guyz think fucking someone else is worse…just my thoughts.  


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