Well where do I begin. First It has been some time that I wrote  blog here. I been trying to keep up with four public websites, and it has taken time to attend to all of them. Also, I been trying out new ideas on my myspace website, that I plan to standardise on all my wesites. I found out from the doctor this month that I also have ADHD along with the OCD. The doctor prescribed Adderall 5mg to start with. I was able to fing the Melatonie 3mg, which helps with the bodies ability to sleep. I went out and also invested in "One A Day Men's Health Multivitamin" supplement. I have discovered that managing a day planner is key to managing the OCD and ADHD. I have learned with the ADHD to not plan activities in a prolong sense. It is very imporatant to minimise the activities time, to maximise my experience with the activity. Also, I have been maintaining a steady consumption rate of water through out the day. Some how I feel the water and viatamins are key to maintaining a efficent source of electrolyte. And also, will help to maintain a healty diet. I have discovered that for me, I have to try to maintain my manner. This requires me to have the presence of mind to stay patient with activities. I have come to understand the ADHD sort of triggers the OCD, and some times the OCD can trigger the ADHD. I have been using the time I am awake to stay productive in a positive way. I make sure to schedule a daily ritual of landscaping and gardening around the yard. This helps to maintain exercise, which usues up energy in my body. This goes a long ways and helping to maintain a healty sleeping cycle. I have been making it a point to go to bed at midnight and waking up at 8 am. I find when I do this my life moves along at a decent pace. I relaxed the wake up scedule a little this week to see what would happen, and I kind of went the way of procrastinating my prescise time. I have learned after reading "The Road Less Traveled" by M. Scott Peck, MD. I would recommend it to read for anyone with OCD. Also, I been heavily involved with this semisters college courses. All my professors this semester are first rate. I am glad I chose to take ethics and philosophy this semester. I been working methodically to link all my webpages together so all my friends can stay in touch me, and I can stay intouch with them.  

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  1. Ghos 14 years ago

    hey whatsup man??tell more about that book… the title intrigued.

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