For every piece of fruit I eat a child goes hungry
For every truth I tell, a politician lies, and thousands die
For every animal that is adopted, one is shot for sport
When a baby laughs, an old man moans with pain
For every white privilege there is a racist exclusion
An American teenager buys her favorite band’s CD
A group of shoppers in an Israeli mall are killed by a suicide bomber
“Father forgive me, for I have sinned”
Corporations feast off the blood of laborers
What is ‘the real world’?
I believe in the Matrix
For every moment I feel safe, the next I fear but it is illogical
A couple kisses, another breaks up
Sleep is my savior
But I can’t sleep
I can fall into my own reality because reality is what you make it
But money rules us all, unless you live in the wild, feasting off squirrel meat and plant juices
For every piece of red tape, another suicide attempt
I want to make my own world and seal myself up in it
Then blow it to bits and let the remnants ride the waves of the wind
I am not special, not beautiful, but plain
I’m afraid to go outside every day, I am a monster
Small and insignificant
Never give up because there is no point in living a life without purpose
Make a purpose up so there’s a point to living
For every fear that falls away I shall rejoice
Every speck of happiness I will relish in
When the grave calls me, drugs and demons invite me to tea
I will spit in their faces and turn my back
Better things will come
You just wait and see
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