I just finished my third day of work, and man, am I WORN out! I have been doing training since I started, I think I have finally adjusted my sleep cycles to getting up a few minutes before three am, in order to get there by 15 till 5. I am not a morning person!, so this is getting hard to get used to. 

I feel ,considering I have ocd, this is probably one of the hardest jobs I could get. I am in a constant rush for 6 hours! During this time, I am standing next to hot ovens and hearing the loud beepers go off. I am so drained the whole time. My anxiety goes way up when we have to serve the morning school rush. But I am able to do it. I am not the fasted worker there. 
The manager tells me to not worry so much about that now. The other workers told him they think I will be good enough to work there. I told him about the ocd today after my shift. He seemed to be understanding and said if I need to step back for a few minutes and take a breather, that would be cool. But doing that when I am being depended on to make sure people get their food isn't the thing to do.
I could see myself doing this job through the summer, if I didn't have to rush so damn fast all the time. Right now I am going to see how much more I can handle. Maybe working the front, or the drive through will be less draining. I just would be less exausted if I didn't have to wrap all the sandwiches in the alloted time frame they want them made. (35-50 secs for most orders) 
One time I looked up at the clock and I was for sure it would be atlest a hour later, it was only 15 minutes! The job seems to take so long to do. I work only 6 hours a day, but it seems like 10 atleast.
I did cooking for the first time today. I like it a whole lot more than wrapping! I was still rushed, but not as much as wrapping. I have tomarrow off, thank goodness! Then three more days, and I will be elavuated again. I can make it! Hope things will get less draining though.

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