So I had a family b-day party to go to and once again I was invisible to all except a few. It’s pretty bad when the only ones that pay attention to you are your niece’s. My oldest niece who is 12 talked to me more then anyone else did. I got a hello from everyone but that was about it. I’m going to be putting pics up of some of the family later and you can see them. When we go to my mom’s house it’s always my 2 sisters and their hubby’s sitting on one couch and me and my 12 yr old niece sitting on the other couch talking to eachother. I love my niece to death but really what do a 27 yr old and a 12 yr old have in common. Then I talked to my 2 stepsisters and one stepbrother for a little while. They always talk to me for a while then they go and talk to everyone else. I really hate going to those stupid famiy things. It always kills my good mood. I just don’t understand why they are like that with me I never did anything to them. It has always been like this since we were kids I was always the one left out of things. I was always the one the 2 of my sisters would pick on. My mom was always yelling at them for picking on me. If I don’t show up at the family things then I have to listen to everyons shit about why I didn’t go. When I do go they all ignore me like I’m not even there. I just don’t know what to do anymore I hate it. My hubby doesn’t like to go because of the way they treat me. They are such jerks!!!


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  1. sorrowfulpoet 14 years ago

    I so understand. My family things are similar.

    But I go mostly for the kids (nephews, neices, and now grandneice)

    They love me, I know they do, and they appreciate me as their Uncle. I can share books with my eldest Nephew (19), and my youngest nephew (11) we all love books :D. My neices vary–one is a sweetheart, who comes over and even offers to help clean my space. (all of 9..), while the other is, well spoiled, and bad, and 18..:/


    But yeah, don't forget that you share care, love with that 12 year old. Maybe you don't need a lot of things in common, beyond that familial bond–but that's sometimes a good thing. She may be able to come to you for advice, about important things–in time.


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