Hey everyone I'm back again! 😀 On my B-Day I went back from Todd's house to my house for a mini-1 hour B-Day party & we had 12 cupcakes w/14 candles & I made a wish like always & I went back to Todd's house to spend the night! 😀 Once we were there, I played Minecraft on the computer while Todd's 11 year old brother Zack & his cousin Alex were playing Minecraft together on the X-BOX 360! Todd was just watching them play on the couch & he got so bored he literally fell asleep for about 2 hours until he woke up & asked me if I wanted to play together on the X-BOX! But then Zack started saying we couldn't & me & Todd got in a big fight w/him until he just let us play. :/ So then Zack started playing the computer & after about 10 minutes, Todd said he needed to sleep some more & let Alex play w/me instead. But then I didn't want to so I just quit playing & told Zack he could just play the X-BOX w/Alex again. But of course he started complaining & everyone got in a huge fight again until he just let me play the computer again. Once I started using it again, Todd said "Is that all you're gonna do here?" & I thought he said it in a mean way, so I got all mad & got in a big fight w/my own BEST friend until I just got miserable & stopped talking. I just sat watching Alex play the X-BOX until Todd starting trying to talk to me again saying he was sorry if it sounded mean what he said. 🙁 Then Todd slowly made me feel better until he asked if I wanted to go outside so I said yes. :l Once we were out there, we started playing basketball sort of, & we had lots of fun! Once we went inside at nighttime, I just played the computer again while everyone else started going to bed. So then I played it until about 4:00AM when I layed in the bed playing my 3DS XL. I fell asleep at about 5:30AM! So that was my birthday! 😀 I'd say it was really good!


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