While trying to tell everyone a little about myself I found it hard to come up with anything. I realized I don't know who or what I am. For such a long time I haven't liked myself much. Actually yell at myself all the time and tell me that I am ugly and fat and stupid. I am sure I am not the only one that does this. My dear sweet hubby gets on me all the time because I down myself.

Reading other members profile I found them quite interesting. Why couldn't I come up with anything that sounded interesting about myself. It made me angry with myself for getting to this point in my life where I have shut out most everything about living. If I am not taking care of mom than I am at the house alone.

It is pretty frightening to think about making new friends, especially now that I have such a hard time getting around. Maybe when we move it will be easier. I want to go to the pool and try to exercise something that I haven't done in so long. My hubby already has agreed to help me get to the pool and out of it. Hoping that will strengtening my back, legs and arms.

It would be a miracle to be able to get back to walking and doing all the things I use to do.

I need to have some new interest going on. Setting up things when we move will keep me busy for awhile.

What is going to be hard is taking my little dog out to go to the bathroom. Here at the house I have always just rolled to the french doors and let her out in the back yard. At the apartment I will have to walk her somehow.

Thank goodness I have God on my side and I can always talk to him and ask his help.


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