For a while now my emotions have just been a roller coaster. One minute I’m happy and the next I’m not. On Monday, I was really sad and lonely. Tuesday was the same except I saw a movie with my friends so I guess for a part of my day I wasn’t completely sad. I don’t even remember Wednesday, it must have been extremely uneventful. Thursday was Independence Day and I got to see my friend and I stayed over for the night. The first half of Friday was actually pretty good, I was hanging out with my friend and we went to the pool. After going home, I was having some issues because my parents were going out of town and I knew that it meant I’d have to be home alone, so I think I may have cried for a little bit. Saturday was surprisingly good, I was chilling by myself and I was actually for once happy to be by myself. Now today, Sunday. I don’t know how to explain this feeling that I get but it’s as if I can feel in my heart that I’m unhappy. I feel so rejected when I text people and they don’t answer. I think it was Friday night that I was talking to my older brother and he told me that sometimes you need to find that person who will drop everything to talk to you about your feelings and it really hurts me to know that I don’t have anyone like that in my life. My friends keep turning their backs to me. One of my best friends has really changed in these past few months. She doesn’t answer my texts or calls. It really hurts me because I really miss us talking but it’s obvious that she doesn’t. I just wish I had more people in my life that cared about me. I feel really hopeless and I just want this sickening feeling to go away. I honestly too exhausted to finish this so…

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  1. lecourage 2 years ago

    I understand how hard that is , not to have anyone to talk to. the world is so empty. take care.

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