Who am I? Just had a need to writeI have a heavy heart today one filled with no joy only with sadness, one thing that sometimes is so frustrating is I don’t know why, it sounds odd I know all the things that have happened and the reasons for it being a struggle, but I cant say this happened today and that’s why I feel this way right now.
I’m tired but I can’t sleep
I’m deep in thought but can not find any answers,I’m desperate but can not fight,I’m embarrassed but can not hide,I’m frightened but have no protector,I hold secrets but I can not share,I have hate but can not forgive,I feel a failure but can not find confidence,I’m reaching the middle of my life and I can not find youth,I’m not the person I once was, but I can not find myself,I want peace, but I can not go,I want to find god, but I don’t know where to look,I’m nothing but I can not find something,I’m empty but I can not find fulfillment,I’m heavy hearted, but I can not grieve,I’m alone but I can not relate to those around me.I have so much love inside but I can not share itI hate depression but I can not beat it

Who am I? Where did I go? When did I disappear?

  1. patience 14 years ago

    I just put on paper what was within, but i can guess its how many feel when the darkness of depression falls

    Thank you for your reply i appreciate it  take care

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  2. JaZz 14 years ago

    I think your poem reflects beautifully something which we all feel at times. this wordless empty pain, or this screaming crushing overwelming depression. 

    I know what you mean about not knowing why, I mean I know that I feel bad in part because of trauma, but that was years ago, it seems unfair that this pain is affecing my life now, more than 10 years, more than half my lifetime ago.

    you can beat it, there ha to be hope that one day things will get better

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