Just sitting here thinking,''yea thinking '',if i dont blow a fuse i'll be ok ,this past week has been really rough,i've been sick,i think its just stress but my doc thinks its my hepc,….finally got my counts back on hiv  after waiting three weeks  tcells 699,viral load undetectable ,thats great now i may need a liver biopsy,i just don't question why things keep happening because i know there has to be a reason ,

maybe to make me a stronger person,who knows i sure don't …its just life and i live it through each day and night and am thankful for each day i live ….i feel like i'm neglecting my friends here on the tribe ,and the other sites i belong to,i'm just so tired and tied up with my mom,some days i just sleep all day to replace the sleep lost at night waiting for the phone to ring calling me back to the nursing home,because mom is having trouble ,honestly its driving me crazy she has problems when i least expect it ,if i sit and wait she is great,i just needed to vent a little ,we had a violent hail storm last night alot of damage ,around the town but alot worse in surrounding areas ,after the storm i went out picking up golf ball sized hail ,its in the freezer ,i'm just silly like that they say small things fascinate small minds well i just do silly things ,i love walking in the rain,but that hail i dont think so ,lol,my dog was bringing it from the patio into the living room she is really funny and loves eating ice,well i'm wandering off again so i guess i'll go for now and friends i love you all your prayers and comments are great i will get back to you all as i can ..love steph


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