I have been absent here for quite awhile. I am having a really rough time with the anxiety/ocd/hypochondria. I just want to feel normal again. I am afraid of everything. Worried about everything. Intrusive thoughts about illness. I want it out of my head! Once I think I am going to get through an entire day without any anxiety issues, here it comes again. I've got antidepressants and sedatives on board but I really don'tlike to taking them. I want to try to get through this without medication. But i know sometimes you just have to give in and let the meds work.

I wake up all night long with little jumping sensations like I am falling. I will wake up afraid in the middle of the night. My doctor says that my anxiety is amped up so high that it is not allowing me to shut my brain off so I can sleep at night. Or even in the day. I will try to take a nap during the day and it happens anytime I try to sleep. I am so damn tired!! I used to being tired all the time, but this is a different tired. I feel like I could go to sleep standing up. I am dizzy. I am having stomach problems, my hair is falling out. It's a scary cycle. It's like the dizziness, hair, and stomach things happen because of the anxiety – but the anxiety/hypochondria makes me think there is something going on in my body that is causing all that. All these things sound very much like hyperthyroidism yet I had my thyroid tested three times, and every time it is on the very low endwithin the normal range. I feel like I cannot breathe – obviously I can. I hyperventilate off and on and I don't mean to. There are so many other crazy things/sensations I get day to day I can't even think of all of them. So…yeah…that's me right now.

Hope you are all doing well my friends.

  1. Chantale 10 years ago

    Hi there. I\'m sorry you are feeling this way. I know how difficult it is to not get any sleep, constantly worry and have terrible thoughts about your health. I have been there and still am there some times. For me, and once again, for me, medication has been working. I am not so wound up, I am sleeping which allows me to better cope the following day. I often have difficulty breathing with my anxiety and other physical symptoms. I can sleep at night but I cannot sleep during the day…I would love to nap in the afternoons on the weekends but too much anxiety comes with it. Take care of yourself and continue to vent. It helps.

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  2. Mo 10 years ago

    So glad you are here. I can relate to the anxiety related insomnia tho its better now than it used to be. Occasionally I wake up with a rush of adrenaline. I too take meds and have to because of all my diagnosis. All the waiting and worrying can\'t replace how effective they are.
    I hope you continue to share no matter what is going on with you,I\'m sorry you are having a very rough time, and welcome back 🙂

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  3. triggered 10 years ago

    Hugs for you, friend. Maybe a solid whack with a 2×4 will put you to sleep for a few hours?

    Something about that falling sensation and waking sounds familiar. Can\'t put my finger on it, though. Do you do that thing where just as you fall asleep, your muscles flinch? I used to go through that once or twice a night and it would shock me back awake. Annoying as hell, but i always managed to fall back to sleep.

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