So for almost THREE years I have been unloading out store truck in the same department. Recently all the store staff are having trouble getting their departments finished…and over three years things are WAY behind where we used to be….more merchandise and the same amount of staff.

Today I was told to do a different department, which might sound like nothing to you. I means a lot to me. I feel like I was demoted. A new girl, maybe there a month did my department instead. I think I would have gotten to the same point probably, but more neatly. She may move faster than me, I don't know…she smokes and moves around all jerky nervous all the time.

I feel so bad. To makes things worrse, when I finished this other department I was told to go help this new girrl in a different departtmentt who didn't know what she was doing. I got one box out of about 10 put away in 1/2 an hhourr. I don't know what she got done or how much she got done before me. I felt discouraged of course and thhe boss comes along and looks at it right before we left. I felt like I had pooped on the floor the way she looked at me. Then she radioed someone else to finishh and said therr was ALOT left to do.

I feel like a useless, unwanted idiot. I HATE feeling like this every Monday. If it were up to me, I would just quit, but I know my parents would probably freak out and it might set a bad example for my Daughter, but I think for my mental health maybe I should look elsewear, or at least find out when my manager is moving out of the area. Maybe things will get better when someone replaces her. No one sttays around anymore….it is a revolving door. I think about what my Psychiatrist says about things I do and the strress they cause me and I am thinking HOW BAD this is for me.

I am glad I have plans to go to tthhe gym today. I am hoping thatt will hhelp….maybe I will feel worse, but I have to try tto do something to feel better. what would it be like to have a job where you felt appreciated?

Feeling so down at losing my dept. Should I hate myself, be angry, or just not care?

Input welcomed.


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