just been watching a tv show where a celebrity goes from a uk size 8 (US size 4) to a us size zero to see why people do it,and how it would affect her.

every magazine is plastered with what are deemed as "ideal" bodies,these images are thrown in our faces from all directions,and soon sink in.I dont know about anyone else but ive assumed from that,that men find skinnny attractive even though they say they dont.But its just not true.its all a big mental game for women,the media pull the strings and we follow like lost sheep.I know some girls who have the opposite problem and cant put on weight and that must feel jsut as bad.I dont think im the only one who has cried in a changing room when clothes dont fit.Every shop has a different idea of standard sizes.

i forgot to mention in my previous blog that yeah i was very overweight.a uk size 20,at 14.since then i have lost a lot of weight,and one point being in hopsital because i was underweight.i thought"if only i was skinny id be normal,happy,respected but in truth i was miserable.i went to see a band with my firneds and we stayed in a hotel.the next day we all had a meal and because they were presented so nicely someone took pictures of them.everyones plate is full,mine contains a small fruit salad.my face looks miserable,my skin broke out my hair was thin,i couldnt handle my drinks and im not ashamed to say it now,i wet the bed a lot as my body was shutting down,and my bladder was weak.going out for dinner id be so worried about the choices on the menu.in short i had no fun.and it was all to make myself feel better?no chance of that.image really isnt everything.

even now as i am sitting in this old pair of overused jeans,i have to keep telling myself all that.i just thought i would share some of this with you as i know there are other people out there concerned with the way they look and how much they weigh.happiness dosent come from being thin,it comes from being happy with yourself on the inside however cheesy that may sound.

I have a friend who overweight and she is very comfortable in her own skin.she always has a smile on her face,wears whatever she likes and has a lot of men chasing her because she just radiates confidence.its no nice to see people,of whatever size,comfortable in their own skin.men and women.its so easy to go down the path of hating yourself,and im guilty of it too.My goal from now on is not to concentrate on loosing weight,but to concentrate on making myself happy,accepting myself for who i am.no doubt there will be another blog soon sayin ghte opposite lol but im sticking with this for the moment and i will try my best.


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