So, last night I had one of my good guy friends over.

He made dinner with me, we were chilling, eating, talking about things, life, etc. you know things i normally talk about with my friends..

and we watched tv and i came on here to do hw.

then all of a sudden he starts rubbing my shoulders and sitting near me.

I let him, because i don't mind a massage..

but then he started wanting to umm grab my breasts.. and i had to knock him away. and then he's like kissing my neck and i had to get up and yell at him.

he sat near me and kept trying to grab me and was being annoying. i know he really likes me but i do not feel the same.

he was in a "mood" if you know what i mean…but i was not feeling it nor did i ask for that!

So i had to keep telling him stop, no , don't do that. I don't feel comfortable.

He was not listening to me or respecting me.. So he finally left. I kicked him out. took him awhile to do it.

I almost had to call the cops. It was so sad, becasue i've known him since 8th grade and i can't believe he would act like that.

To top it off today h'es all like hey. just casual like nothing happened..

i'm like leave me alone i don't want to talk to you.

he didn't get why i was mad…didn't think he disrespected me when i told him to stop… etc. he thought i wanted it…

and he's like i won't let it happen next time, etc.

I'm like there will be no next time.

oh and to top it off, when he kissed my neck briefly.. i looked in the mirror and i have a hickey!!

I am so pissed. it's not even funny. I've never had a hickey and i'm not happy about it!

i can't be around him or friends with him now. it's so sad and messed up.. sigh

but i deserve more then that.. and i don't want to be groped innappropriately by someone who's supposed to be my friend..

was not in the best mood today.. which sucked and it was hard to fall asleep last night.. my mind was messed up. great.

i already have enough problems and now i'm picturing it and it's disturbing me..

  1. KnockedDown 9 years ago

    What happened wasn't your fault and you did the right thing being firm with him. That kind of stuff sucks, but then again I know a lot of guys have a bit of trouble with rejection and people telling them no.

    Sometimes I think men and women can't be friends because of stuff like this but it seems more like this guy has no self-control at all by the sounds of things.

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  2. writinggirl24 9 years ago

     i know. even if i was being flirty or friendly on accident. doesn't give him the right to do that! 

    yeah i did my best, seeing as i've never been in that situation before, and it's hard when it's a friend, but still don't want that happening! 

    yes it does! 

    now i can't be friends with him. i'm afriad of being alone with him! 

    i'm sure they do. or girls even.

    yeah it can get complicated. either one or both of you likes each other. either too late, at the wrong time or maybe foreveer if you lucky and both want it lol. 

    but i don't like him like that! 

    yeah he's never had a gf and he doesn't know how to treat women. i've learned that. 

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  3. momhurts 9 years ago

    I am so sorry that happened to you.  You said it:  You deserve more than that, more respect , more love, you name it, all of it.  That was bulls%*t.  Really.


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  4. writinggirl24 9 years ago

     yes, thanks momhurts! 

    thanks heather! i know some guys don't listen/learn. and are stupid like that. ugh. exactly. 

    I saw my counselor today and we talked all about it. she's like yes i can imagine your mind will be more messed up and going crazy because your trying to process it all. i'm sorry. i'm like yeah.. well i'll deal with it. she's like might take you a week or so at least. to stop seeing the imagines. she was super mad. she wanted to smack him! lol 

    she's like yep thats assult. 

    very true. thanks ! 

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  5. Cassis 9 years ago

     *kicks him* I HATE when friends push boundries like that, then totally act like nothing happened. So they not only danced all over your line in the sand, but act like it was never there to begin with.  You did the right thing by kicking him out.  i''m glad you are going to be cautious around him from now on, people like that just can't be trusted, no matter how much they say it was no big deal.  Your safety comes first!

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  6. writinggirl24 9 years ago

     lol yeah i want to kick him too! 

    i know right!


    yes i know , im afraid to think of what could of happened if i didn't get him to finally leavE! eeep. 

    i know once you lose trust it's hard to get back if at all! 

    yes it does! 

    thanks for reading my blog (=

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