i am just trying not to cry and wondering why these boxes dont come with a spll check when they so need one. hello the ranters out her need to type without thinking or stoppign or backspacing so people can understand what the hell we’r talkign baout…

breath ..

i know my depression is linked to my inaction. i can see now quite clearly that when i sit back and dont clean up my flat when i let all of my injuries get in my head and hold me back physcially and mentally when i let the stress and aggression that i need to vent off pile up i am just feeding those blues. when i dont take careof my body eat crap cause its there and its there cause i bought it or made it i am making it worse and i am addign to that cycle that lopty loop of bad time doom and down

pause me ..

i go up i go down but i cant seem to get this right. if you read this what can u recommend. tell me from your hearts from those souls form those inside places in your had where you say what you really feel but seldomly let out. i have tried a head doc breifly and maybe they just weren’t right for me cause every tiemi went i just left feelign frustrated like i was wastign my time like she wanted answers i didnt have or i wasnt giving the right ones it felt wrong. and i am …shy?? no .. woried?? no id unno not sure about going through my GP to be referred cause i cant afford to pick and choose one now but i know iknow i need something and to admit that has me in tears but at least i am here and i admitted it one step down two tears rolling .

to my  constant readers thank you sso much for everythign every birthday wish and every hello and every wave and drop by thank you. i know i have been runnign but i will try again to face me.

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  1. angelious 13 years ago

    thankx dave.

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