So yesterday I was perfectly fine, until I got into my car, I started driving to pick up my boyfriend, when suddenly I had an out of the blue severe panic attack. It was horrible. 


As I was driving, my heart began to race and my thoughts kept telling me that I was going to die, I almost felt that the last breath I was going to take was going to be my last. I started to get warm tingly sensations throughout my entire body, I couldn't see straight. It was the most horrible experience. I started to shake, but i kept driving, I did almost pull over but if I did I kept thinking it was going to get worse if I did that. I kept telling myself that I was going to die. I hate those kind of attacks and recently this is the second one like this I've had in two months. Their so out of the blue. When I got to my boyfriends house, I was completely broken down I managed to calm down a little bit but I felt so out of control, not myself, felt like this was the total end. Does anyone else go through this like I do?? Sometimes, when I get into that panic, I feel that no one can help me, not even myself. I started to breathe very slowly, but I can't stand the word breathing, lol it's silly to me when I talk about this now, but when it happens, my god its terrifying. I didn't want to get back into my car, afraid that I might have another attack. But I got back in my car and kept driving and dropped my boyfriend off at work.


Later last night, I had to pick him up at 10:30PM, I was so afraid to have another attack. I kept mentioning positive things to myself. I got in my car, and drove to pick him up. I didn't have an attack, and I praised myself and I felt good. I feel pretty good right now, but still that thought is inside me, scared of freaking out and going crazy.  Sometimes, I wish I had a broken bone or something, rather than thinking if or what if I am going to have a panic episode like i did, that's the most horrible attacks I ever experienced. I hate those thoughts of feeling out of my body or I am going to die. It's horrible. I try to control myself and try to rid those obsessive thoughts, and I try everyday not to have them control my life but you know what… it's hard.

  1. thelifeofjade 15 years ago

     🙁 driving anxiety is hard. Do u think this is what triggored it or it was just happenstance u happend to be in the car when it took place? when i'm driving and having anxiety i drive a little slower and usually not in any middle lanes so i can have a quick pull off spot. 

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  2. Kitt1144 15 years ago

    The same thing happened to my ex-girlfriend. She had a panic attack and thought her car was filling up with carbon monoxide or something. She started freaking out and opening all the windows, etc. but it didn't help obviously

    She had another one in a plane, and had to be taken off. Not fun….

    Don't know how I came across your post, but figured I'd let you know you're not alone!

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  3. Katymyster24 15 years ago

    Thank you all for your support. I went to the dr. today and got prescribed Xanax. Wow. I can only take half of one pill right now, unbelievable! I feel great actually! I am sure that I will still have some ups and downs, but so far, no panic attack today and I am not really worried on having one! I am so glad that this is helping, I am still taking my 40mg of celexa, that's still helping too.


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  4. sairuhh 15 years ago

    I get panic attacks at random a lot. The severity of them ranges, but I've had my share of terrifying, really intense panic. Lately when those strike, I've been telling myself that it always goes away. Always. It never lasts. And it can go up and up and up, but it always comes down. Always. Just keeping in mind that I've been through so many of them and I'm still here, and that they can't actually kill you, and that it WILL go away, has been giving me a lot of strength to get through them.

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