Hey guys.. it's been a while since I've posted. Not much to tell.

Had a funny one yesterday.. I was due to go out of town with Hannah, I got myself really worked up about it and rang her mum crying my eyes out saying I couldn't do it.

Curled up in bed feeling awful, guilty, sick and anxious. Dragged myself out of bed to answer the door and it was Jodie telling me to snap out of it, that she and Hollie would come with me and Hannah out of town. She made me get dressed and sort myself out, ring Hannahs mum and tell her we were coming to get her.

I could have cried, I feel so lucky to have Hollie and Jodie in my life, they really looked after me and made me feel safe 🙂 and yknow what, I had such a fun day. It's not often you take a random road trip with your two best friends. We took Hannah to a sensory room, it was so much fun, I barely stopped laughing for the whole hour we were there. They both get on with Hannah well so it was just like a girly day out. So yeah, feeling lucky.

Felt anxious this morning but I have snapped myself out of it. Supposed to be spending the whole day with Darren to celebrate our 2 year anniversary but he has a hangover and he just can't handle it anymore! He's curled up next to me moaning and feeling sick. So in the meantime I'm trying to fix the hair disaster I had last night.. My hair is currently bright orange, it was supposed to be red! I just laughed when I saw it, but think I will fix it even though it's a bit funky!

Gonna try and read through all the blogs I've missed whilst I've had a break, but I really hope you're all doing awesome and staying strong.


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  1. triggered 10 years ago

    hold on to the friends. They are priceless.

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