I touched on this yesterday. Let go a little deeper because a fewpeople didn't get it. Anxiety is caused buy repressed negative feelings. After repressing for so long our aura becomes negative. All the thoughts we have, no matter the stimuli is now negative and delt with in a negative manner. Lets set that aside for now. You notice when you are anxiety free at times and it feels kind of good, but weird. Like something is missing….. Its your freind! your anxiety! Where did it go? All the sudden your anxious again. You call on it. Subconsiously you scan your body, your mind and your surroundings looking for an excuse to be anxious. This is hard to pin point and it takes practice but if you put time into you can almost feel the trigger just as its squeezed and your fist responce is fear (negative feeling). Although its really hard to stop you can gain control by recognizing it and holding it there before it develops into full blown panic (Second fear AKA reassurance). You'll notice that major anxiety or full blown panic does not happen until after the second concious thought. This is thethought you use your possitive attitude against. Its not just a happy thought. Its a possitive veiw of everything. To be able to do this you NEED to live a POSSITIVE lifestyle. Your brain will adapt to this new way of thinking and apply it to all thoughts and feeling through out your day. This is why I say to stay possitive all the time. Teach your mind that everything is not dark and poohy! When you start to look at a traffic jam as possitive you will see crowded malls as possitive and your anxiety will start to lessen. Then we start the real recovery. Conquering our avoidance behaviours! YAY! lol. I will add some good ideas for this in my next blog. Feel free to message me for any advice or leave me a comment if this helps 🙂 Feel happy, feel free and soon enough you will be 🙂

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  1. susanwa2 12 years ago

    Great advice on positive thinking! I very much agree with some of your ideas and I think you are on the right track in a lot of ways. If it all could be as simple as you make it sound, but it goes much deeper than that. I totally agree that most of us can feed our fears when faced with a panic disorder. A downward spiral of negative thoughts and feelings. Its a common manifestation of panic disorder. Everyone has anxiety now and then, not everyone has panic disorder. My first panic attack didn\'t involve any feelings of panic at all. I had the racing heart, shortness of breath, weak knee\'s, dizzy feeling but so unaware of what it was and there wasn\'t a bit of fear involved, not until I experienced it again and again did I have a panicked feeling. Normal people don\'t have these huge rushes of andrenaline that we do. They are enough to scare the hell out of anyone. My son is a fire fighter and several times a week they aid someone who is having a panic attack. Most of these people are totally unaware what is happening to them, lets face it, its a horrible feeling that most people would either dial 911 or prepare to die with. Most of us begin to fear the next attack, they come out of the blue and make you feel like you\'re going to die. No wonder a large percentage of people with panic disorder become depressed and/or become housebound with agoraphobia. I believe as you do that people \”feed the fear\” but you have to have this disorder to begin with. The world is made up unique individuals and what works for one will not work for everyone, people with panic disorder are the same. I always try to live a positive life and whatever scares me the most is the first thing I attempt to do. I refuse to let panic run my life but I am a very strong willed person that doesn\'t want to miss out. I feel bad for anyone that has an anxiety disorder, its not something that we\'ve done to ourselves, sure we can make it worse and let it run our every thought and feeling but we initially can\'t bring it on ourselves. Good luck and keep up the good work!

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