Well, Zach is home sick today. It's not just allergies. He's definitely got a cold or something. Despite allergy medicine he still sounds and feels bad. He coughing, sneezing, hoarse and can't breathe through his nose. We're going to have to run to the store to get him some cold medicine. Poor kid. I'm hoping tomorrow he'll be able to go to school or else he's going to the doctor.

I'm a little better today, but not a whole lot. I didn't sleep well last night despite the wonderful cool down we had. (It was in the 60's.) Usually I sleep well with that type of weather but I tossed and turned all night. I can tell today is going to be a napping kind of day for both of us. I hope I'm not getting sick too and that's why I'm feeling down. I always go through this when I start to get sick. Yuck.

I'm sitting out on the porch watching the morning progress. Why am I so dang tired? I have to go down and feed the ducks soon because they'll come in looking for food. They're one of my greatest pleasures in watching our yard. There's one that's a mallard crossed with a Florida duck and I named him Buddy. He's here every day. Speaking of animals looking for food our Sandhill Cranes are in with their chick. I feel bad that I haven't gone down yet to feed them, but I'm wary of them and refuse to go down and feed them while they're here ~ they're big birds and they get very mean and protective of their chick. He's so funny looking right now, he's all legs. I don't know how he balances on those long, spindly legs!

It's true for me, nature does heal my spirit. I am so grateful for the peace it brings me to see animals and flowers and trees swaying in the wind. I love the sound and sight of water flowing and the ripples the wind makes across the pond. My favorite sound is the sound of waves crashing on the shore of the beach. Sometimes when the wind is right we can hear it from our home.

I have to make myself go to the library today and return some movies that are overdue. Maybe I'll let Zachary watch them before we take them back, he really wants to see them. That will at least keep him quiet and laying down. I don't know what I'm going to do with him if he's too sick to go to school tomorrow ~ I'm supposed to work. I guess I'll send him to school and if he has to come home I'll leave and go pick him up. There's nothing much more I can do.

It's so strange, I get so anxious about going to work! I know I know what I'm doing and I enjoy it when I get there, but getting there is the problem for me. I just get so apprehensive about it. I don't know why. I guess maybe because I'm used to being at home all of the time and I don't like change much. But everything changes and that's the only real constant in life.

Speaking of change, I think I need to change out of my pj's and into something presentable so we can go to the store and pick up that cold medicine. Thank you for reading this and ideas about how to pick myself up would be really appreciated. Love you all and (((HUGS))) to brighten your day!

  1. mentalhell 8 years ago

    I love nature too! It's something about sitting surrounded by beautiful things that really help you feel better. Getting out and doing something really helps me. You can go for a walk, or even having things to do like going to the library and the shops is a good thing. Also try and get some sleep. Not too much otherwise you won't be able to sleep again tonight, but just enough so you don't feel too sleepy. I hope both you and Zach are ok! Hugs!

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  2. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    Dear Keya,

    Have you considered allergy shots for Zach.?It may well be, if the physician agrees, that you may be able to head off, his developing asthma from the allergy triggers.

    I'm sorry that you  did not sleep well. It could be a harbinger to your getting sick, also. You said this feeling occurs before you come down with something. Maybe this is important information for the doctor. In any case, I wish you well. Try not to become stressed about being stressed. Hugs Mary xx

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