hey hey all hope everyone is managing with in them selfs I am thinking peaceful co existance is a wonderful skill to utilize ……….. hey go lie down midget lol go lol ahhhh do what ever makes ya happy lol whom am i talking to no worries. My dear Creator Great Spirit is on a roll with me and i think all my ancestors are up there or where ever they are laughing and i mean rolling with delight
{twits} said with total love and care.

Is it ovah that crap storm that we still seem to be cleaning up after hey i thought i told you to go stretch out oh bother you dont listen to nutten but that different drummer your marching too that is said to all of us…..

Ouch Live is so Bitter Sweet and thats ok with me I am finally in a place where i can stand up on my own and i mean that on many levels yet, cue snowie ……… SO ……Yeah, you all read that right itscool if you did not but you heard her i am her fav gay wife rotflmao.

not sure what else i can say execpt that doing the inner core work to heal is so worth it as they say in the 12 step program oh i best not force it or she will get all pissy with me lmao oh nevah mind sorry kinda relieved and still i have a sharpness as in texture lol you have a prickaly personality some one said to me on wed right after some idiot stole my 287.00 glasses i earned that money I love those glasses action jackson and i we picked em out together.

Action Jackson was and still is in my mind my Case Manager at the Providence center action who my great grandmothers name was Inez willson Jackson so being racial with me not a real good Idea or telling someone some one will throw up if they kiss a woman rude crude just a thoughtless thing to say and no accountability just stop talken to ya ok fine not a problem i live in solutions not the problem ………….. Thanks Heather for reminding me that i was off the beam love you for the gutts to call me on my stuff yes i can be very very gruff. You might be too if you ate the sand in pakastan and saw woman with scars so bad it hurt to look at mercy yeah sometimes i think we forget how good we all have it here …. when the man is done with his woman and so she will not be attractive to any other man i wont get into the details here as i know it might trigger someone yet being triggered with faith hope courage strength wisdom love and blind faith we can get through anything now hun i am not forcing my oppinion on any one just saying my story my own personal truth based on experiences i have had

we all have a story to tell and here is a relativly safe place to work all our personal crap out we really are in my trying to be humble shit human too after all dont ever try and put me above another person in worth not me "kids" i am in wicked pain lost my mom 18 years ago onthe 23rd of this month for what ever reason it is hurting all of us this year more then ever and then there comes our AGK right on time with just the most heartfelt words and i can breath better now

every last one of you have had a part in holding me up through what they say is a terminal illness lmao what ya think of that Delane huh lol shuush peanut …never mind let her rip do it to it you go girl lol wow life what a flippen trippen wild ride …………… Hope you all find some joy with in this day ………….. Snowie i owe ya one girl hehehe ok nap time move ovah woman sheesh rotflmao please let me keep a temperance about me today and not be aggressive rather assertive love youz lol she who walks tall

  1. MoonWolfEagle 9 years ago

    rotflmao you do what feels right for you no one here will stop you cause your smarter then a whip and right on time as well as right on the money and look your a female abe lincoln its all cool lmao snowie is laughing. ok so were suppose to not get carried away here rolling my eyes but really prehaps best rane it in a lil hummmmmmmmmm your lead kid Inez  and oct 21 and jackie and yeah ok ok already huh walk easy and carry a big stick? wow it got so serious around here latley me included aint out to hurt no one i promise that just gotta be free free to be what each of us just might be intended to be dont ask me what the hello do i know really not much love to learn to stretch to grow to just surrender lean into it let go and let the higher power of your understanding i dont tell no one what to believe in that is personal sacred stuff  hey for real need a nap getting a bit cranky need sleep bbl k you know

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  2. MoonWolfEagle 9 years ago

    lol no way baby lmao late nap time see ya when i see ya

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