Hey everyone.
I just joined up today. Not really sure what to write. Didnt even know a place like this existed. Relieved to be honest that it does.
I've been to counsellers and psychologists, doctors and nothing seemed to help enough. Alot of the time it made me worse, especially the meds.
I don't know if anyone else has a difficulty of voicing there problems, made it quite difficult with sessions and as you know they don't come cheap. I'd start talking and start getting into things then I'd start having panic attacks or else spend the rest of the session in tears trying to get out a few words between deep breaths and sobs.
The one thing though that helped me through patches though was keeping myself busy. Unfortunatly though I have lost my job recently so since then I've started to fall back into my old ways. Finding it hard to find something to distract me enough.

Which is what brings me to the reason for writing this. How does one make friends? I'm 21 and don't have any real friends. Like the only real friend I had has moved abroad and settled down. His gf doesn't like me chatting to him so I can't even turn to him. I have joined up to facebook to reconnect to old school and college friends but everyone has moved on in their lives.

I also have bad anxiety so I rarely leave the house. Can't seem to go anywhere alone. Used to be ok when I had a car because I could do things freely and without someone sitting near on my lap on a crowded bus.
I'm terrified of joining up to a class because I won't know anyone and fear panic attacks will set in.

I feel like I am at a loss. I never used to be as bad. Used to able to do things by myself. But now I'm struggling to even go to the shop to get food. sigh..
Sorry for long rant, just wondering if anyone is in a similar positon and has dealt with it. Advice would be helpful. thanks

  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    Those people on here who are facing or have dealt with issues similar to yours, will respond. In the meantime Welcome to DT. Glad you found us and find the support for which you search.

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  2. autogirl 10 years ago

     Thank you for your welcome. Thats exactly what I'm hoping for. 

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  3. yirah 10 years ago

     Welcome!  Yeah. I'd say try to take steps to help with your anxiety. It would probably be much easier for you to have friends in your life then. Though of course I'm not good to ask about that since I have very few friends myself. But perhaps helping your anxiety would be a good first step. 🙂 I don't know the details of your situation, but perhaps you have social anxiety or something like that. I've never been to a therapist, but maybe writing out your feelings in a diary or journal would help it be easier to talk about them to someone else later. I talk to myself a lot, just about anything as if someone is listening, and I've found it's pretty easy to express myself. 🙂

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  4. autogirl 10 years ago

    Thanks for commenting back so soon.
    Yoda. – That could be one the problems, that anytime I do end up going to the store it does be busy. Might have to start going at different times see if being around less people helps. 

    mrs-fixit- I am truely sorry things got that bad for you, but I am very glad that you are still around. I completely understand the issue with family. I got away from mine as soon as I could. I've been suffering from sever depression since I was about 12. They never could grow to understand it, and I didnt understand it myself. Took years for me to be able to deal with it properly. My parents used to give out to me for being depressed and say to others I was just bored. Used to blame me for ruining things because I was too depressed to take part. They never tried to help me. Moving out has been the best thing, I know they feel glad that I have left, my siblings have made that clear. But they seem to at least try to talk to me now and see how I am.
    Maybe the distance between your son and you can be a good thing. let him see what he is missing and what your grandchildren are going to miss out on.
    I do alot thou it just doesnt seem like enough. I get up early, I do the cleaning, washing, cook the dinners, just doesnt take long enough to keep me occupied.
     To be honest I have never had anxiety like this before. Mild anxiety always ran along with my depression but I was able to deal with it by calming myself down when I got too worked up. But never as bad that I fear leaving the house even to the extent of getting food for myself.
    It seemed to come with the losing the job, which is why i am pretty confused because I used to be around alot of people. I have no idea what has triggered it, everytime I keep thinking about it makes things alot worse. possibly might try to write things down when it comes to mind rather then trying to dredge it up. I used to write alot when I was younger but that stopped when my mom found it and lost the head at me over it.

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