I made plans to go camping with a friend of mine from work. Me and my man, her with her's. I was super excited about it because I'm finally making a friend, I haven't went camping in over a year, and Nelson promised we'd go camping 3 weeks ago and we never did.

He said yeah at first and so I have been super excited about it for days now…. But as days go by it is seeming less and less like it's actually going to happen. I will seriously ball my eyes out if he bails on me again.

My friend and her guy are going a day early because I work, so it was planned that we leave first thing the next morning…. WAS….

Then it changed to, "Well first thing in the morning I have a classroom to clean up since it's the last day of school. But I PROMISE we will be out of town before noon." Well again that was then…

And NOW…. " Well I have to turn in a paper and go to one more lecture, I'll be home sometime around 2. I PROMISE"

The campsite is 3 hours away. And I really wanted to actually go out, get some sun and go swimming for the first time this year. If we leave around 2-3we'll get there when the sungoes down.With being busy at work, getting house work done everyday and trying to find a second job, (don't forget the lack of friends to go out and have fun with) I am seriously looking forward to this. I really need it.

Plus if I just leave my only chance of making a friend out there in the woods and just stand her up that would just be fucked up of me.2

Am I just getting my hopes up for nothing?? Probably, I tend to do that. It's like I enjoy constantly dissappointing myself. I understand if he's busy, and can't be there for me. But I really wish he wouldn't promise me all these wonderful things all the time and then back out of it when he "remembers" that he had previous appointments.

Maybe I'm just being a whiny bitch, and I'm expecting to much. But it still makes me sad. But thats what this sight is for right? Crying about everyday life?

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  1. Vagabond_27 11 years ago

     For me I always try to not get my hopes up, I’ve never been camping in my life so I cannot emphasize with your feelings however I do know what it feels like to be disappointed.  I would suggest trying to keep a balance between the two, that way you will not be totally bummed out if nothing happens.   

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