Hi all. I think if I get any number of regular followers – that I hope to call friends sometime – you will notice that I am pretty awful at regularly posting blogs. I noticed recently, however, that journaling actually does help. It made a large turn around to my weeks long depressive moods very early yesterday morning.

Well, whatever. Let's see. My personal name won't be disclosed for internet privacy reasons but I can definitely share my interests. I am a woman in my late twenties. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Pedagogy. Pedagogy is the art and/or science of teaching. Many with pedagogy degrees are taking that degree withi the goal of personal entrepreneurship in teaching private instruction. I am working towards the same.

My depression has had me hitting a new unnatural low. I have missed weeks of school and I really haven't cared. I am a section leader in the choir I am in. I take roll and do my part to lead my section as well. I take my responsibilities very seriously but it turns scary when I just don't care anymore. I didn't have the presence of mind to be able to CARE about anything. I didn't have the desire or ability to do more than one or two things per day and mostly, since school requires all types of energy for dealing with all types of stresses, school had to be cut off for a few weeks.

I went to the doctor recently. They upped the dosage on my medication and I hope in a few weeks I should start seeing good results.

Sorry. This isn't supposed to be a rant session. Let's see. More about me. I like fantasy novels and video games. Not fantasy = romance. Fantasy as in fiction and science fiction. I like Stargate SG-1, Star Trek(TNG, Voyager, etc.), Avengers(and all the movies leading up to it) I'm a nerd and I love it. I also indulge in anime and gaming conventions several times per year. I watch a variety of anime and read manga(Japanese comic books) for fun. If you're a fellow nerd like myself go ahead and message me! I love talking to people.

So. Music. Fantasy stuff. RPGs! I love RPGs. I hold a particular loyalty to Final Fantasy and the Breath of Fire video game series. I grew up with the early top view turn based RPG. You know, the old ones on the OLLLLLD NES systems from the early 90s? Yeah. That's me.

I suppose I should go fill in more stuff on the private interests stuff. I should probably think about a theme to my blog too….

See? I kind of suck at that. I love to write though!

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  1. lyricallife 9 years ago

    A trick question indeed!  I confess, I did have to look that one up.  While SG-1 is a lonstanding fave in the sci-fi genre, I haven' t had to chance to watch it for a long time.

    Yay for awesome fandoms.  😀

    First time, eh?  I know a lot of trekkies who really hate Voyager actually.  I was never that picky about it though and I loved it.  They are similarly picky about Deep Space Nine.  Again, I don't really care.  Fun story, different characters.  Kind of like trying to get used to Stargate Atlantis when I need my O'neil and Jackson humorous duo.  Apparently that one grows on you though.

    I actually haven't doneMMOs for several years.  I used to once in a while but now, I just don't have the time between school  and work demands.  ^^;;  Maybe sometime though!

    Do you game much?  My latest ccostume/cosplay was as a mascot sized White Mushroom from the Kingdom Hearts video game series.  I got a lot of people to participate in my live action bit where they cast spells at me(elemental based) based on my ctions and then if they got it right, I gave them candy.  Lol.  My favorite line from someone there was:  "Yay I love getting candy from strangers!"

    Most of the cons that I go to are local to my state.  I was going to try to go to Anime Vegas this year(which is not in my state but close enough) where one of my best friends and Director of The Manga Project(an independent voice acting group) was giving a few panels.  She wanted me to come and help out if I could buuuuut MONEHZ.  Money just didn't work out this go around.  ^^;

    I don't want to bore people with my random moments of panic.  I know blogs function as online journals and I already mentioned how bad I am at being consistent though for the sake of my sanity and mental health, I may just want to get into the regime of it.

    Le sigh.





    Anyway, cool.

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