Back when I was living in Brooklyn, and leading a much more viable, productive, social life than I am now, I used to steal a couple hours during the last few days of the year to sit down with myself and think about the upcoming year. Sometimes I'd do it over a coffee, sometimes over a really good glass of wine, pen in hand, my notebook just to the right. I'm a relentless and fairly hopeless self-improver. So every year I make shitloads of resolutions–big ones. The same ones, as a matter of fact, since I was about 20. Usually my list is something like:

Think less about myself (after making this list, anyway)

Think before speaking. Talk less. Listen more.

Write–for at least an hour–everyday


Eat only real food

Do astanga at least 5 days a week

Spend at least 5 hours a week on art

Be a better friend

Walk as much as possible


Curse less

Don't let the mail pile up

Floss morning and night

Laugh as much as possible

Basically the list of a slightly clownish bohemian Puritan.

A list that still appeals to me.

Only this year, I am scaling it back to one resolution: Eat Clean. No gluten, no sugar, no dairy; limited starch. No caffeine. And no booze–at least until the dissertation is done. Just lots of vibrant, straight-from-the-earth food. About 60% raw.

If my little experiment of a few weeks back was any indication, if I hew close to this plan, the other stuff will take care of itself: the motivation, the creativity, the self-respect, the social and ethical impulses.

I am trying to think of it not as "fixing myself," but as finding out how healthy I can get, and how functional my life can get. It is time for real change.

I hope that everyone here has a great 2013–full of health, joy, peace, love, and fulfillment. I am very grateful for my DT friends.


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