I'm sitting here staring at the computer screen and this blank page unsure of what to say. I don't feel good emotionally, but it hasn't been as bad because I filled my morning with lots of things to do. I finished wrapping gifts and doing some other stuff, and then I took a nap.

I think I have a head and chest cold. My chest hurts a lot when I breathe and my head is so stuffed up. Blech! I hate colds!!! I can't seem to stop coughing and I feel out of breath most of the time. I ended up giving in and taking some cold medicine before I laid down. I'm feeling better, but I don't like taking the medicine because it makes me really tired.

It's a beautiful day outside, and I've made sure to spend quite a bit of time out here on the porch to enjoy it. We had a cold front go through, so we'll be down into the 50's tonight. I'm excited about that ~ you know how I love pajamas and fuzzy pants and soft socks. I'm one of those people that love textures like velvet, velour, faux furs and anything else soft. That's why I love the cold weather ~ I finally get to wear my favorite sweaters. 🙂

As of tomorrow my son willbe starting hisWinter break.I have no idea what I'mgoing to do with him for 3 weeks. We can't afford winter camp for him, so he's going to be home with me the whole time. My energy level can't even BEGIN to match his,but I don't want him watching television all day long. I'm going to have to come up with somestuff I guess. My Mom brought home a gingerbread house kit for us to build, and we'll make ornaments for everyone. Other than that we'll probably be at the library and the park quite a bit. It's times like these that I wish he had a sibling close to his age. I feel bad when he's the only kid playing on the playground. He's lonely and I wish he had friends nearby that could come and play.

Anyhow, that's it for today. I need to find something to eat. Hope everyone's okay. (((HUGS)))

  1. MForeverChained 10 years ago

    I just have to say something. I can't believe your son has 3 weeks off for Winter Break. He is so lucky. My school only gives us 2 weeks and I'm DYING FOR IT TO GET HERE ALREADY! It doesn't help that finals are here either… Blec. I hope you figure out some things to do with him though. And your son being alone is not necassarily a bad thing. People grow when they are by them selves, I know I did. Just spend a lot of time with him, so he doesn't feel SO alone, ya know? you could watch movies or something. I hope you feel better with your cold and stay positive!

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  2. Andie372 10 years ago

     I spent the afternoon outside (it's unseasonably warm here) with my granddaughter, playing games.  It was great.  She's 7 and such a breath of fresh air to me.  Aha please let me know how to handle winter break because I'll probably be watching her.  


    Hope your cold is better!

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