I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Yesterday, I got into a GIANT fight with Johnny, but we fixed it after a few hours a yelling it out with each other. Everything is better and so today I was thinking "Oh, yay! It's a new day! I may have only gotten three hours of sleep because of all my homework, but I'm surly in a happy mood!"

Next thing you know my friend Eva is telling me that Tory's (if you do not know who tory and Eva are please reference back to Blog #1… It'll explain A LOT!) mom was going to be sending my own MOTHER text messages from Tory's phone that her and I had sent from way back when we were friends. I thought that this was a MAJOR (and I mean MAJOR) invasion of privacy and did NOT (I repeat) did NOT understand why her mother would be bringing up stuff that happened a month ago and I already was trying ever so hard to forget.

So… I asked Tory about why she was doing this and she said that he mother felt mad because she though Tory and I would be friends again, but we're still not. And she didn't like how Eva was in the middle of this.

Well, to address these two UTTERLY ABSURD problems:

Yes, Tory and I are not friends, but her mother cannot make me be frineds with her. Especially after what happened.

Also, Tory and I both sat Eva down and said that even though the three of us were extremely close friends for three years, it shouldn't make her choose between us. We're tolerant enough of each other to sit at the same table and have a civil and small conversation. It'd be as if we were two separate friends who never knew each other. No harm. Plus, fighting about Eva being in the middle WOULD PUT HER IN THE MIDDLE.

I talked to my counsilor and teacher who knew what we going on. My counsilor said to call the mom but she did not answer. My teacher said to tell my parents, stay away from Tory and tell the truth. Tory has an incredible compulsive lying disorder and they both believe it could be a possibility this whole thing is a scam to maniulate me into being her friend again.

I told my parents.

I talked to Tory. I asked for her mother's number.

She said that she wasn't allowed to give it out.

I asked if her mom had college today.

She said she kept her phone on silent and wouldn't answer.

I asked if she'd answer my call later.

Tory said that she didn't even believe her mom had her phone on her.

I told her I talked to the counsilor and everything.

Tory said that she could surly try and talk her mom out of sending the messages to my mom.

There are just some things that I do not want to talk about with my parents yet that I'm only comfortable talking about with my friends. It's understandable. I didn't do anything illegal. This is incredible.

I believe she may be lying.

What do you believe?


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