Im faced with so much to do today, I have someone coming for dinner at 6pm.I have known for days that this was happening yet as soon as i take my meds I get so tired and all I want to do is lie down and sleep, Usually I hide it all for another time and that is pribably what Ill do again today but that doesnt solve the issue. Am I just lazy or is this real. I have to take my meds in the morning because i work nights and I go to bed in the mornings but on my days off I get this problem of being tired again even though I have slept well all night. Sometimes I do go back to bed (who am I kidding I usually stay in bed most of the day) but when I get up I am still like a soggy dish rag, eyeballs barely open and a brain like mush. I know if I could just do one job I will be happy (er). I walked into this room to do just that and instead sat down at the computer to talk about it instead of doing it. ( Im slack). Why cant I be like other people who wake up do their jobs then enjoy their time off inowing all is done. Why do I always procrastinate. I even run out of food because I out off getting dressed long enough to go to the shops for groceries, I even ring in sick at work some days because I just cant get out of bed but I mostly go and do a good job if I say so myself ,(I actually got hit several times the other night by a sweet old lady who had fallen and I was looking after) Ah Dementia I cant wait till I have it. Look out Nurses LOL

Enough whining and whatnot, time to get active. hahahahahah fooled ya. Im so useless no wonder I am in the state I am in. I dont even want me. waste of space. I have 6 and a 1/2 hours to go


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