I feel such a relief after finally returning to my Spirituality group online at ACIM Gather on PalTalk.  I was welcomed back with open arms.  I recieved a huge hug from one of my favorite people and words of encouragement from many others.

I couldn’t sleep and I assume it is this great feeling of relief and excitement at returning to "Gather".  As well, I think I napped to long during the day time yesterday.

So much is going on in my world or so it seems.  I have court on Tuesday whereby I have been told my case will be continued by my Public Defender.  I need to file some paper work this week in order to get my $500 back from the States Attourney, which was confiscated in my cannabis bust.  It was money left over from my SSD check and from a stimulus check I had just cashed.  I hope too God they don’t keep that money.  I need it badly for getting my car fixed.

My nasal sinus has been drying up the last couple of days.  I believe it is a reaction to a Haldol Deconate shot I recieved against my will earlier this month.  Actually I think it might be the Cogentin that is causing the dryness.  It pisses me off that I have to take another medication to relieve the symptoms of the original medication.

I’ll be seeing my new therapist again on Tuesday.  I have hopes in getting some help to clarify my goals for therapy and beyond.  The big issue is my returning to work.  I need to increase my income for a time.  I just hope I don’t lose my SSD for good by returning to work.  I think I have enough history off mental illness that it will be easy to reapply for benefits if I do lose them and need them back.

I have no idea about what kind of work I will return too.  I just hope it pays well eventually.  I’m hoping to get some schooling before returning to work.  It’s going to be a slow, and tedious process.

If you read my blog, Thank you. and Peace, Joy, and Love too you as well, Don



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