Sweating through my work clothes as my head throbs. Fucking hate this infernal computer. I want to tell my "boss" he needs to not forget that he builds his legacy on the backs of the workers. This place is utterly thankless and vapid, a noxious amalgamation of toxic rumors and verbal excrement. Do you know why peoples breath smells? Because they are all so full of shit it has nowhere left to go but turn into vapor and float from their festering mouth holes like methane belching from Satan's anus itself. These self righteous and petty pieces of trash, if they only knew what I hold back inside of myself everyday. How much naked hostility I have for them all. They don't even realize how blessed they are, how much they have been given, yet they still complain about the lame barista putting too much foam on their fucking macchiato. Nowt he insipid spell check on this worthless computer telling me I spelled macchiato wrong. Twice. Fuck you and your little red line, pointing out all the words I misspelled, like some half rate english teacher destroying a young writers will to write with her red pen. Looking at all the high school boys lasciviously form behind her glasses, at her little desk, as her unused pussy starts to drip just a little at the thought of just one of those big, strong high school studs taking her home for a good thrashing. Instead, she becomes more and more angry at the waste her life has become, reduced to wielding her spastic little grasp of power in the form of a red pen. What she doesn't realize is that one of these studentswill go home with a paper written all over by her and her red pen. And this kids mother will see all thered marks and the beatings will begin, because she cannot stand to have an "illiterate" in this house. And that child locks himself away in his room, in the safety of the darkness, sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly rocking back and forth wishinghad the guts to walk downstairs and punch that fat bitch right in the mouth. Fat ass jabba the hutt, laying on the couch yelling orders everyday…..Clean this, do that, bring me food, Where is the remote?!?!??!?! Then, decades later, realizing he was once again sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly rocking back and forth, and 30 years had gone by. Even though he had left her behind as soon as he was legally able to get out, her envenomation has poisoned him for life.




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