I cant just say my mood is tired, its sad tired and lonely. Also I just wish that I could die.
After what happened last morning at home I do not wish for any one to go through any such things.
On thru i wasnt well and without washing dishes I went to sleep. Yesteray when I reached home my MIL was having long face and after some time she started( because my husband was also presnt).
she said that I dont have to go for work if I do not do house work. I come from a family of beggers , that she has seen more money in her life than I can imagine and that I would ever be able to earn.
she accused me of those things which my husband could have said that I wasnt this way. But what can he say, he loves his mother so much that anything she says is true.
i got it on and on for 1 hour, about me my family , how if she had known truth she wouldnt have gotten me married to her sone. If I say anything to her son it hurts . They can speak however they want to each other but I should not bother to talk in between.
If my parents ever find out about this, they would die ,
then she says if this happens again then you both can leave , so my husband says that you can leave alone I am not coming with you.
not even once did he say she was wrong when he knew some of the things she said was wrong.
I have now decided , that I would look for a good lawer, check on all options, search for my own place and then leave this guy.
I dnt think I can and I should take this any more.


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