After getting a couple of comments on my last blog, it made me want to reach out a little outside the comfort zone and say that wether we are dealing with depression,anxiety being bi-polar or another type of disability we must realize who we are in Christ and rely on that faith to encourage each other and know that we must pray for each other and ask God to help deliver us from these situations and or physical disabilities…God is in control all we have to do is welcome him into our lives and get connected with other people of faith because we need each other especially at this stage..Our country and our leaders need to be prayed for -our government etc…we need to take time out and at least read the psalms in the bible because they are comforting and give us direction. When we acknowledge god and give him control we pray and let it be he will open doors and will send us people to help and comfort us -my entire life is a testimony of what he can do in our lives. When i got the news I was one of the laid off people at first I was upset but now I look back and realize I wasnt happy with my job there was no challenge and the environment was terrible. I know he will open doors for me he knows what I need and all I have to do is follow his lead. God has put people of faith in my life who are my lifeline and people I can trust and rely on -and right as we speak I know I am covered by their prayers and my situation will soon change. Keep your heads up and remember you are a child of the King!

Take your place in life claim your lives back give it to God and leave it there –

Always here



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