We have kittens in the house now! My boyfriend's mom bought his two siblings kittens. They're less then 6 months old. One of them is really fluffy; it's gray and white and loves to be held. The other one isn't nearly as fluffy and it's black and white and loves to run around. I have a feeling that me and my boyfriend are going to be the ones that end up taking care of kittens though. They've been in the house for about 2 days and still don't even have names. His brother held his kitten and then left. His sister played with it until the second time it clawed her then left…so me and my boyfriend are betting that we're probably just going to be taking care of them.

We were playing with them most of the night last night. I found out that the gray one loves milk so I was giving it some milk. The black one kept crawling under the couch cushions so we had to play with it on the floor. But they're SO cute. Their claws are really sharp but they're still cute.

Me and my boyfriend apologized about the fight we had. He said that basically how he sees how things should be in the relationship is how he was raised (the woman does everything around the house and the man doesn't lift a finger unless he's outside or working at his job) and after I told him how I was raised (there is no woman's work or men's work, there's just work. Everyone helps out, no matter who they are or how old they are). So basically he apologized for excepting me to just 100% conform to what he wanted, especially since I'm the one who brings in money in the relationship as well. And I apologized because I could have handled the fight alot better. I could have been more mature and level headed about it all. I handled the fight how I wanted to, not how I should have.

And he even made me breakfast before I went to work yesturday. Then his mom butted in and made drama when there was no need for it. She pulled him aside and told him that he was right in the fight and that he shouldn't have apologized and that I needed to stop working and start doing things at the house and take care of him. So I butted in and told her that if I stop working then where are we going to get money from? I asked her if she's going to pay our bills and rent and gas money, or is she just going to let us live there for free. She told me that it's not my place to work except in the house. I then reminded her that her son has only worked about 2 months since we've gotten here and he's had a total of 3 jobs and currently still doesn't have a job. She just said that he'll find one. I agreed with her that he will find a job but until he's able to be the bread winner I'm going to keep working. She was pissed, but honestly, I really don't care right now.

She's gonig to be fostering teens now, instead of kids. For teens she gets more money and she said "They can take care of themselves, so I can finally get some sleep." She wants to foster 2 boys and 2 girls. And guess why she wants the girls? So that they'll do house work. The first day that they're getting there she's going to sit down and tell them that unless they do house work they're going to be sent back…child labor much? I firmly believe in making kids do chores, but the way that she's making it sound is like the two girls are going to clean and cook everything while no one else has to do anything.

So I'm just going to sit back and watch that whole plan unfold. She's fostered teenage girls before and hasn't told them to do house work before, so we'll just see how that whole thing goes. I have a thought that it probably won't as well as she thinks it will. But omfg! Yesturday she was rambling on about 'back in her day' and 'when she was young'. First off, she's turning 40, that's not ancient or anything. Second, she was talking about how when she was my age she cleaned and cooked for 10 people. I reminded her that she was married at 16 and only had an 8th grade education. Also, when she was my age she had never worked a day in her life and already had a kid. She also was the only one in the house that didn't work when she was my age. If I was the only one in this house that didn't work then I'd love cooking and cleaning, because everyone else would be gone all day so no one would be bothering me while I cook and clean. That's basically the only reason why I don't cook and clean as much as possible here, because every time I try I either have her watching over my shoulder like a hawk or people are in my way.

But ya…me and my boyfriend made a bit of a deal. While we're in his mom's house I'll try my best to conform to her rules and crap (woman doing woman's work and men doing men's work), but once we have our own place then me and him will try to blend those two things together. Because the one thing that gets me is that if we're both sitting there watching t.v. or something he asks me to go get him stuff. Yes, I understand that I'm not doing anything, but he's not doing anything either. I was raised that if you want something then you go get it yourself. If someone is going to the kitchen or something then you can ask for it and you'll either be told 'yes' or 'get off your lazy ass and get it yourself'.

Like whenever I get home from work. First thing he says is "Hi baby, how was your day at work? Oh! Before you tell me, can you get me…" The way I see it, he's been sitting at home all day. Some time through out the day couldn't he have gotten something to eat or drink? Because he actually won't eat or drink anything unless I'm there to get it for him. In California, he did things for himself. He wanted something to eat, he got himself something to eat. He wanted something, he went and got it.

But anyways…today is our 1 year anniversary and things are going pretty good so far I guess. His mom won't let me use the washer so we have to go do laundry at the laundry mat. We haven't gotten into any fights or anything and we agreed a while ago that we'd give each other our gifts next week (when I have enough money and when he's hopefully supposed to be starting a job)


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