I finally got out of that lazy mood and got things done that needed to be done. Now I just have to find other things to keep me busy so I don’t get back into that lazy feeling. That was a yucky feeling. I wanted to take the kids to the beach today but it’s like 103 degrees outside. We went from like 50-60 degrees at the begining of the week to this terrible hot weather figure that one out. Good ol New England weather. While it was cold some of the leaves started to change a little bit which was nice. I can’t wait for fall so I can take pics of the beautiful trees and share them with you all.
My 7 month old is cutting teeth so that has been fun. She is so miserable even though I’ve been giving her some motrin fo it but it’s just not helping her. I think I might call the doctor and see if they can do anything but I don’t think they can. She is getting like four teeth at once the top and bottom front. She cries until she falls a sleep. I just want them to come in already so she doesn’t have to be so cranky and she can be her happy little self again.
Other than that everything has been ok nothing has changed. I’m going to my doctor to see if he can recommend a therapist to me and hopefully a good one. I think it would be good for me and it might even help. So that is my plan for Monday then the kids go back to school on thursday woooo hooo I can’t wait:biggrin:. Again thanks to all that read this. It feels good to write and know that people are reading and understanding what is going on.


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