5-6-08    Day 2

Mood:  ????

Didn’t really sleep much last night – called my little sis and left a message to see if she would come up to see me with my mom. Chances of her coming are probably not going to happen but she has the numbers to call me if she wants too. The chances of my sisters coming to see me are pretty much nil. But it is ok. You realize who your family is when you are in rehab. I GUESS!!!!!!!


Well I spoke with the doctors today and he told me that I will be ready to go home Thursday. He (Dr. Kelleher) increased my topamax from 50 mg to 100 mg at bedtime that will help with my migraines.


Helen called and of course she again is the last one too know that I was in the hospital. She is unable to come and see me because she is so busy but it is all good.


Two more sleeps and I am back home.


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