i dont know where to go from here

seams like i try to fight

but my minds telling me i dont deserve life

fuck it if everybody belives i should leave even me

why the fuck should i stay

stop it it aint your responsibility

to look after me im a man now i can hold my ground

even when i was a younger child

i was crazy fuckin gone wild

i fought wars by myself both inside and out

and i belive its too late you cant save me now

in my head i only deteriorate

now caged up in the open

i tend to be a little irate

buy hey what else can i say

fuck it its my fate

my only chance at fame

i know it sounds lame

comin from a white boy comin from the side of the streets

where you never where i was

i kept it away

cause its where you wanted me not to be

but where did you think that extra money came from honey

i got a long way to go or so i think honey

so i hope

ill do the dirty work

and ill leave you to pray

cause see im not that way

so if im sentenced to and early grave

just remember mewhen you see a ship sailin out to sea

cause when it dont seam that im with you

im the memory in your brain


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