SINCE AUGUST I HAVE BEEN REALLY SWAMPED IN MY LIFE.The reason is that ihave been helping a family friend on his farm and  working my tail off. I was out inthe feilds raking and mowing hay pretty much every other day. Then there was  a down time in which i did get to have a wk off fromthe farm and  "go on vacation "  to a nice  quite resort by a  lake where I  did enjoy  some much needed R& R & R lol.  I enjoyed  fishing and  having a "bonfire at  night" and the company of my good friends that wk. The week was way to short as are all Week vacations came home ,cleaned house ,and low and be hold I got a call to "return to the farm">  We finished off the 4th crop of hay and did machinery repairs and ect. One night while i was  "hauling manure " on the back 80 I happened to  come upon what looked like a Calf that had gotten outta the fence> I  got closer and  thought thats a funny Calf> Here it was a bear cub,probally out for a late night stroll,the cub just stood in silence as i Radioed back to the  base that I had just seen a bear cub. Well when I put the radio down Standing in the tractors headlights was the mother bear   I gott the diigotol camera out andproceeded to take her picture but as I did  this she "decided to stand on her hind legs  and Look right at me omg I was frightened,then  i remebered that I was inthe safty  of the cab. she warned me  to move on, so i took the picture and Headed back to the farm yard.! I guess I never   thought that In my 41 yrs i would see bears up that close. Now it’s fall and I see tons of deer every morning and at night but I can now state that I have  seen a bear and her cub up close.we are getting ready to Harvest Corn,and I know for a fact that i’ll see alot of deer runn along side the machinery,and hopefully inthe next few days I’ll see that bear cub  knowing now  that her Mother is right behind her and to have that camera ready .. when Nature decides to come out at night I thinkits wise to Have some sort of Camera along,so Today iwent towalmart and bought a whole batch of batteries,Just in case nature comes out at night  again….. mark

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  1. lindameyer29 13 years ago

    Wow Mark you have been busy.  That is a good thing.  It is also good to take time off to relax and enjoy your friends.

    Awesome about the bear cub and mother although I would have been scared too.  Hope you get more pictures of them


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