54 Hours

From the curb where you sat
Pointing up at the sky
Others saw a toddler wearing a baseball cap
But I saw you… seeing yourself fly

A dream is a vision, a blessing of possibilities and of pride
You are living the dream that you never let die – but now, the Crucible;
All I ask is that you keep this in mind…

It is me that God has chosen, to nurture one of the chosen few
And with every breath you have taken, I have been there with you
My hand remembers every moment of every single day
Up until now, it has been in yours, every step of the way

When you were exhausted and defeated, I tossed and turned in my bed
When your feet bore blisters, my own feet bled
When you were cold and hungry, I allowed my hunger to call
And my prayers pulled you up when you defeated the wall

When the orders he screamed caused you pain, doubt and strife
I whispered in his ear “That’s my son Sir – scream louder! You are saving his life.”
When you felt defeated, when you were stressed and depressed
Your dream became my dream and our ultimate test

Of endurance, of commitment, of passion, courage and pride
For the love of God and your country,
Your brothers, their mothers, their children and their wives

For 54 hours, I will let your hand go…
To rake through your heart, your mind and your soul
With discipline and determination, with strength from above
Without the hand of your mother, but with the brothers you love

To prove your worth to the title and to the heart of your being
The Crucible. The Emblem. A United States Marine


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