This is really about personality and people set in their ways. So my friend and coworker just called me and said his girlfriend had left him. I'm not supprised, he really isn't a great boyfriend. The man has a huge heart, he's tall and handsome. He is a no doubt a ladies man. When I joke about him I say "He loves all women except for his own". We talked yesterday over a game of squash and I told him to find out why he is the way he is and come to terms with that. I know his family. His parents married young and his mother was not happy. So I suggested that maybe his mothers infedelities has made him either not respect the bonds of a relationship or has caused his mistrust in women. He agreed, it made sense to him. But when he spoke about it, I can hear the anger and judgement in his voice. Also, in the time that I have known him he has had self confidance issues. Which I never understood. I can call myself a manly man but I have no problem saying the he is handsome. People judge him alot about his personal life, I joke about it but I never crucify the fellah. Even though he slept with my ex girl friend. I was with her for a few years and we where all friends. After she left me, my best friend slept with her. WOW! lol. I was angry and I wanted to hate him. But I know who he is. I know that there is something in his mind that makes him this way and he has no control over it. I always said that he would change when he loses something precious because thats how change. But I worry for him. Everone thinks I'm crazy because I'm still friends with him after what he did but I see through his bad habbits and rediculis ideals because I love him. He would walk through a snow storm in board shorts if I needed him too. Whichs brings me to some point here amongst this rant. When you love some one, you love them although. Which differs from like. You like someone because. I like my car because its shiny. I love my friend although he's an ass. lol. I'm not sure of any kind of point that I am trying to make here, I guess these are my thoughtsbeing spewed into a blog. Or maybe I want you all to have compassion for the screw ups you call friends. All in all, my friend is a dough headbut I'm gonna accept him for what he is and ask himout for coffee. He can usesomeone to talk toright now :")

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  1. stopthetummyache 11 years ago

    I think you are a very good friend. It\'s funny, I was reading the last few sentences of your blog and it reminded me of how I love my friends dearly but I know all their flaws and I can be really hard on them. I just wish the best for them as you do for your buddy. Maybe your friend just needs to take things slower and casually date rather than jump into a relationship and then leave for another girl or for fear of being dumped himself right away.

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