I’ve never felt like I knew someone so well who I’ve never met before except for peep he talked about the pain in a way that wasn’t sugar coated and was raw and people with the same issues could automatically connect his music has helped me through hell even when I’m not doing bad I still listen to him cause it reminds me of where I was. Not too say he was the perfect person cause honestly who is he suffered with severe depression and anxiety and too cope with it he did stuff like Xanax mushrooms and acid just to name a few I want anyone to know if they ever need someone to listen to all of their shit I’m here for anyone I love each and everyone of you even if I may no know you personally I still love the fact that your still here today shows a lot of strength so thank you for showing me that as long as I have the strength to power through it I’ll make it out of my problems as a better person.


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