Most of you know, that I haven't been to work for almost three months because of my anxiety and the deep depression that I was in. I am overcoming that everday, and I have been a little stressed not having a job, but I am going to school which I am so thankful for.

I recieved a phone call yesterday from my former supervisor at the job I was last at. Mind you, I worked there for over two years and I loved the job, although at the time when my grandparents passed, I didn't mourn properly and "escaped" at work. I worked from home for four months with that company which was great, although I was working split shifts at the time, which was horrible. It felt as though I was working 24 hours and not to mention I was working Way too much over time. But anyways… about the phone call.

The company wants me back, and my supervisor offered me to work part time so I can still go to school. I am totally excited! Especially of how the economy is, it's hard to find a job, and I want to go back to work so bad! I feel that I can go back to work and work like I used to. I have accepted the death's of my grandparents and I have nothing to hide anymore. Although I am a bit nervous because I don't want to take a step backwards. I don't think that I will but I am sure that it's normal to feel this way, and I know that I will feel good about going back to work, especially to a company that i enjoy working for.  I took the offer. And i will be working from home again. I am excited! The thing that's great is I can work part time, and there's no more split shifts which is awesome!

I just need to keep thinking positive. I have had a roller coaster life for the passed 10 months trying to find myself after I accepted the deaths of my grandparents. That's the most difficult thing to go through, sometimes, I felt as though I lost part of me, but I know that I have to keep going and I can do things on my own and I have to realize that I am starting My life, and it feels good! I am proud of myself especially from the phone call, that's very nice that they called me and offered a job!!!

I just need that reassurance from others that I will be okay. Which I believe I will. Sometimes staying positive seems hard, but I will do whatever it takes to stay positive about this! I am nervous if it will bring back old habits, but I don't see why it will. I have come a long way and fought through my depression, panic attacks. I still have a little anxiety but I know everything won't go away at once. But I am so thankful right now and I feel pretty dang good!

  1. adilady 13 years ago

    thats Awsome! so good to here. It seems as if.. when the time is right things will just happen. sounds like the time could be just right for you to go back to work. now you can not only go back to work but go to a place that you know and feel comfortable with insted of a strange new place adding to the anxiety of fitting in and things. good luck!

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  2. edinadiva 13 years ago

    That's really good news, I'm sure you'll be fine and like you said it is great that they contacted you to offer you a job.


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  3. hayesw41 13 years ago

    it will be fine miss

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