Okay so hi. This is a bit hard to write… well let’s start by saying I’m Amanda Chaparro and I go by Lorenzo Wilkins or Kitten. I’m fourteen years old.

when I was seven I had a friend (name unsaid) and she would convince me to date her, from there on year after year I dated her. Yes I realize that some of you maybe thinking “oh she’s just used to it and it’s her instinct” it isn’t, I thought that for a while. Well at the age of around ten or eleven, I stopped talking to her. At the age of thirteen I got a girlfriend (name private) which I dated on and off through out the year. Well that’s the way I basically came out to my mum. I was talking to my mum about so said girlfriend and then came out saying how I’m bisexual, which I am. I then a year later (at age fourteen) I identified as bigender, hints why I go by Lorenzo! Well let’s backtrack a tad. When I first dated my first mentioned friend, she would kiss me and hold my hand and do couple things with me. I thought oh it’s normal, my teachers through out the years have told my school how it isn’t normal. I obviously see it as normal because it’s all I’ve ever known for the past seven years of my life. Okay so a few years later I started listening to One Direction and Harry supports the community more than one hundred percent. Which gave me confidence to come out to my friends as bisexual, then now I’m struggling to come out as bigender to them, I’m sure they’ll accept me but if they don’t then I don’t know what I’ll do:/ ! Well thank you all for taking the time to read this, I hope you all have a wonder day/evening/morning/night !!


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