my name is Sara im 14 and lesbian(I think)

my school is horrible, my classmates and what are supposed to be my “closest” friends are homophobes. every morning they talk about how bad lgbt+ community is and how they shouldn’t be living (if ur reading, u should live everyone has a purpose), its like the only subject they ever talk about. they don’t even know they are talking about me! they always go and look up a part in the Chumash (its a jewish book) that says something about people of the same gender shouldn’t sleep together, and even worse they made a fucking SONG that is extremely homophobic and racist and they RAVE it in the halls of my school and one teacher even JOINED in with them like wtf. my jewish studies teacher gives fucking lectures on roles of woman (very sexist) and compares being lgbt+ to murder and stealing! I don’t know about my mom but my dad HATES lgbt+ and this means if I come out he and most of my community will hate me too. I go to therapy we talk about depression and suicidal shit, I wanted to tell her I was a lesbian but she looked super religious (I know I’m not supposed to judge a book on its cover, but just imagine if your therapist looked like a extremely religious person like a nun, sry if I offended anyone) and I got kinda scared, idk why. if god was real why did he have to make my life so fucking horrible. I don’t know if any of you guys ever felt like this, but if you do pray have you ever felt like your faking it, like I believe in god and all that but don’t believe at the same time its confusing. if anyone ever needs to talk, know that I’m here.

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  1. condemned 2 years ago

    I wrote to another member of TherapyTribe just a few weeks ago, they were in a Christian community. The scriptures we have were not written by God. Therefore, being written by imperfect humans, are likely to have imperfections.

    God did create you, and I am not religious myself but I would sooner believe that you are exactly as God intended, rather than the scriptures that we humans wrote on behalf of Him.

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