In total, thereve bn about 50comments by the same person, and each time using a different name. she does this everytime I block her current user name. As far as I know, no physical threats were made yet. Her favorite thing seems to be calling me a "retard". She is even invading my Myspace profile. Sadly, I have to keep all my profiles private because of her. Ive told her to back off and leave me alone. She only comes back to me with an even more cruel message than before. This never seems to stop and I can't figure out how to get any of her personal information because her myspace is private, and she only signed onto Youtube to harass me, so names dont matter to her. Now that I disabled my comments, she is now sending me video comments as I type this. What she does is use other people's "retard" videos and posting them all over my channel. All of what shes saying to me is causing me serious mental harm, and I am already suffering from a number of serious mental issues right now such as major depression and moderate OCD. Help me. I dont know if this is a hacker or what but I know very little about computers, so really I have no idea why this is happening. I personally think that this could be some kind of a threat, because of my serious condition, this can be life threatening for me. Ive tried committing suicide because of this stuff before.


This woman is saying hurtful things like (in her words)…..


"You have a face only a retard could love. damn you are one UGLY attention whore. Please do give up, and check the hell out.. Damn, you're so ugly my dog puked when he saw you video. Now he's licking his ass.. "


"Try this on for size.
Judging by your previous videos here, and on MySpace I draw the following conclusion.
#1. You have a brother. He is a mental defective like you.
#2. You rarely go outside. (With a face like yours, I don't blame you)
#3. You don't have employment.
#4. Your parents receive a government check due to you and your retarded brother's mental deficiency.
#5. You threaten suicide to gain attention. But, don't have the NERVE to follow through.
How am I doing so far??? "

This isnt the beginning at all!!!!

\"\\"\\"\" \"\\"Cry\\"\" \"\\"Frown\\"\"

  1. rq5738 14 years ago

    I agree with Skwerl… IGNORE IT.  That is the best thing to do to "repay" the bully.

    He/she is getting what they want… your REACTION.

    Don't give it to them!! 

    Suicide need not be IN your vocabulary.  A.You are much to valuable for that and B.The bully is not worth it.

    HANG IN THERE!!  You'll get through.


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  2. al102499 14 years ago

    Please try to ignore that horrible hateful person who has nothing better to do than pick on someone that he/she doesn\’t even know & is emotionally vulnerable. I can\’t even fathom why someone would want to go after you & kick you while you\’re down. If there\’s any justice in this universe, then there has to be a special place in hell for someone like that.

    Also, I\’m no expert but based on recent news stories, what this person is doing to you sounds illegal.

    Have you tried making your profiles private to stop any further harrassment? Try to get help from someone who is more technologically savvy to stop this person.

    Please don\’t let what this evil creature writes affect you. Anything they say is meaningless anyway since they\’ve never met you & have no idea the kind of wonderful person you really are.

    Please hang in there!

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