As a child your words, did cut like a knife

And left scars that I’ve carried all of my life

You may not see them but I know that they’re there

And the frustrating part is…you don’t even care


I missed out on ball games and cooking with mom

And getting all dressed up and going to the prom

Walking down the aisle at my wedding with dad

Is yet one more of the dreams that as a child I had



The scars stay with me no matter how much I try

In the light of the day, or the dark of the night

My memories and feelings are too strong to fight

You took away my childhood, that much is true

And one thing that I’d really like to say to you

Is what gave you the right…to treat me like that

To do and to say the things that you did

I mean after all I was just a little kid


I didn’t do anything wrong, but in my mind I had to

After all, I was looking for love, BUT

Ended up getting hurt by YOU

The ones who were supposed to love me, to always be there

The ones who were SUPPOSED to genuinely care


The scars you may not realize are there

But many times I don’t think that you care

That by your words and your deeds, you put them in place

Maybe not on my arms or even my face

But truly and surely on my heart they have a home

And that keeps me from being truly able to roam

On to the future I could have had as a kid

But you took that away with all that you did


Be good to your kids whether young or old

Because in your hands their very souls you can hold

Be kind to them, be gentle and strong

So when the time is right, they can sing a new song

Not of pain, or hurt, or anger and fear

But of one of joy, and of peace and of love that is clear

That it doesn’t have to hurt, or cause pain or leave marks

A love that will truly ignite their hearts with a spark

Of hope for the future and their lives as well

So that to THEIR children, they can have a GOOD story to tell.


  1. jobikerusa 14 years ago

    hi wanting,

    beautiful (and tearful) poem.  awesome.  hope you're doing okay tonight.  thanks for posting.

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  2. roman 3 years ago

    I love this poem so much this poem almost made me cry and it could really tell parents how much of an effect they have on their children/child. 🙂

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