I am so glad that I just found this site. Still figuring out how it works & all that, but I feel like I finally won’t be lonely & there will be people who will actually understand what I am going through. So I’m looking for some advice…I made a doctor’s appointment for tmro, but I’m really scared to go. idk why…I guess it’s just really hard for me to tell somebody in person about my problems & I’m worried he won’t take me 100% seriously. Also doesn’t help that he is my family doctor & the only person who knows about what I’m going through is my bf. My family has no idea (kind of blind/wrapped up in themselves). Whenever I’ve gone to see my doctor though, I never get satisfactory answers or solutions. Also, my younger sister has anxiety & it took him FOREVER to up her to a proper dose (I think bcuz she was so young) but I REALLY just want to get to the point & get on making myself feel better! Whether it’s ruling out if it’s a physical issue (thyroid, etc) or if I need anti-depressants, I want to be given a good dose, not a small one that won’t do crap & is just a waste of money…anyways, does anybody have any advice to give me on what I should say to my doctor? I’m really anxious about it & I want to make sure I get this dealt with ASAP & not get blown off. Thanks in advance!


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