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I live 2o minutes north of Dallas, TX in a small town called Lewisville Texas I have lived here about 30 years. I have 3 brother 2 are bi-polar and 1 is schizophrenic my dad is schizophrenic as well. I have 2children a 29 year old daughter and a 24 year daughter. They each have 1 child girls both are apples of my eyes. I first found out that schizophrenia ran in the family 30 years ago when Romi my secondcousin in Los Angeles committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. We came to find out after my oldest brother at the age of 19 was committed to Parkland hospital in Dallas. The Doctor diagnosed him with schizophrenia and told us there had to be others in the family and had anybody committed suicide? My mother and father calledRomi's Father and asked him why Romi had committed suicide and had it been because of mental illness? Needless to say he was to ashamed to admit that she had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. My Parents called one of Romi's sibling's and she was the one who told my parents that the doctors who treated her sister had told them that they should contact all family members and tell them of this schizophrenia. The Schizophrenia is hereditary and would skip around the family.

Since my second cousin committed suicide we have seen bi-polar disorder all over the family. Some do no they have it some refuse to admit they have it. My brother who is full blown schizophrenic is something else he is not the violent type he is the happy schizophrenic type. If your feeling down go be around this guy because he will make laugh your ass off. Sometimes he will just breakout in laughter and I'll ask him what are you laughing at? He will say it's an inside joke man, I wish he would tell me the joke cause I would like to laugh too. One of the problems that I have is that I can't laugh at anything except the movie Tropic Thunder. Oh and in the above paragraph I forgot to include that I'm married to a beautiful wonderful women for 30 years now. I find writing this blog to be therapeutic.

In my immediate family I happen to be the most sane person of the group. I'm counted on for everything so sometimes I feel overwhelmed by this. Something that's really been bugging me for well sometime now or should I say since late last year is the following. on or about October 26, 2010 I went over to my brothers house to visit him since his meds had recently been changed. My brother and mother live on the same street I live on about 3 or 4 houses down from me but I can't see their houses from my house. Anyway I ate breakfast I walked out of the house and walked next door to where my daughter lives and checked on my wife and granddaughter they were sleeping. Not wanting to wake them up I went back home and called my mother no answer so I started walking to my mothers house. From the street in front of my brothers house I could tell that my mothers car was not in her driveway, so I decided to check in on my youngest brother I knocked on the door and his oldest kidanswered the door. I asked is your dad awake yes he is uncle Charlie come on in.

The oldest kid told me to take a seat and his dad would be out in a minute. I did and started watching Cops with the kids one 19 one 17 years old. About 2 minutes later the 19 year old came in the room and said I thought my dad was awake but he's asleep. Well I said can I finish watching the rest of Cops with you guys? they said sure. Worst mistake I ever made, about 8 or 10 minutes later the cops came busting thru the front door with a search warrant looking for stolen goods. They put us all in handcuffs and sat us down on the couches. The lead detective told my brother Mr. Montana you know why we are here and my brother didn't say anything. The investigator told him that they had found some marijuana and that they were going to get another search warrant and turn the house upside down. My nephew told them the marijuana was his and that no one else had anythingto do with it, why not let us go? The detective said hell no you are all adults you are all going to jail and let the District Attorney figure it out as to what charges he wants to file.

Well it cost 24 hours in jail and a bail of $2500.00 to get out for my nephew having 5.77 ounces of marijuana in the house. It turns out that anything above 4 ounces is a state jail felony. Doesn't that suck Willie Nelson Gets arrested with 6 ounces of marijuana and gets bail set at $2500.00. I get arrested for 5.77 ounces of marijuana and get bail set at $25000.00 and it cost me $2500.00 and 24 hours in jail to get out. So that's really been bugging me lately. People in other states have a little card that allows them to legally use marijuana. Not that I smoke marijuana I have a prescription for Morphine Sulphate 100MG 3 times a day. Lortab 10mg 1 a day as needed and fiorcet 1 a day I think 30MG for pain what the hell do I want with marijuana.


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