Depression 2011

I just got out of the hospital a few hours ago. I think I may have over stated my case with my shrink and got myself committed to the hospital psych ward. You see I wear hearing aids and I have this nasty habit of just shaking my head yes when someone tells me something or ask me something and I really can't hear them. Well I must admit I had been feeling kind of blue since the sun hadn't shined here in the Dallas Texas area in about a week and half. Well apparently my doctor asked me in a very low voice how I had been feeling I said I had been having these real fast and short thoughts of suicide. She the asked me in a very low voice which I really didn't hear at all if I had a gun would I have already have shot myself? Well I didn't really hear the question but shook my head up and down and her eyes went wide.

The shrink then proceeded to tell me that I needed to check in to the hospital and get my meds adjusted correctly and get away from other things that were troubling me. I thought what the heck a vacation I can dig that. On the way home from the doctors office I told my wife that doctor sure wants me to go to the hospital like right now. My wife said well I think you really scared her when she asked you that if you had a gun would you have already have shot yourself? You answered yes and I'm like what I didn't hear that I couldn't hear her so I just shook my head up and down oh crap. Amway's I checked into Dallas Presbyterian Hospitalat Walnut Hill and Granville Ave. Jackson building fifth floor.

I packed 3 new pairs of sweats, 6 shirts, 6 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of briefs, Carolina Herrera's Cologne, Carolina Herrera's Deodorant, 1 Electric Razor, 1 Bag Individually wrapped hard candy, Tooth Paste CPAP Machine and Soap and Sshampoo and $11.00 in change for the vending machines. First let me tell you that I voluntarily checked myself in. Well upon arrival on the fifth floor they wanted to cut all the strings on all the new sweat pants I had just purchased. Hanging Hazard they called it. They confiscated all my change and made strip naked to make sure I was not smuggling anything in. This was after I gave them a bottle of Morphine Sulphate I told them I had on me and a bottle of Stool Softener and bottle of Laxative. So in order for them not to ruin anymore than one pair of sweats all the other clothes and Misc. things such as sweat bottoms, shorts, Jackets, hooded Jackets, Cologne and hard candy they were all confiscated and locked up.


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